The purpose of the Operation FIRST , Surgery Center is to provide a surgical facility which..

  • Delivers high quality rehabilitative and other surgeries to those in need an at low or zero cost to the poor.
  • Provides a training center for all professions and disciplines relating to surgery, medicine, the rehabilitative professions, nursing etc as well as administrative aspects of running a surgical unit
  • Coordinates, communicates and cooperates with the international rehabilitative surgical network
  • Maintains a top quality center for visiting experts and/or specialized international teams to come both to implement as well as teach in their areas of expertise
  • Ensures a center of reference for the Cambodian Health network, within the network of the Ministry of Health (MOH) to assist with training, surgical implementation and coordination with MOH plans and programs
  • Operates an outreach program, both locally and Cambodia wide where needed,¬† for surgical assistance by health promotion, diagnosis and treatment and community level health education.
  • Works closely with its linked physical therapy unit (Rose Cambodia Rehab Centre)