A totally Cambodian registered and operated  surgical facility, offering high quality,  free or low cost rehabilitative surgery to the poor of Cambodia, from within the proper Cambodian Health System (Ministry of Health Facilities).

Cambodia’s leading, locally managed family rehab surgical unit,  with a track record  since 1998.  Thousands of poor Cambodians have been rehabilitated and  many health workers trained.

A base for international teams and experts… closely linked with, supported,  monitored and visited for training/surgical teams  by leading international organizations including.   Operation SMILE,  Operation Rainbow (Canada), and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  We are one of Cambodia’s leading SMILE TRAIN Centers, and an official center for IMPACT (UK) Operations.  This open door policy insures our continued high standards and international network.

Official cooperating partner of Rose Charities Australia, UK, Canada, NZ, and USA, originators of modern rehabilitation surgery in Cambodia